Cooking Class at Volivoli Beach Resort

Put on your chef’s hats for an afternoon cooking class by the beach in Volivoli Beach Resort’s outdoor kitchen with their head chef 🙂

Wash your hands, tie your aprons, and put on your chef’s hats for an afternoon by the beach in our outdoor kitchen with Volivoli’s head chef Lakepa Setitaia, an expert in Fijian cuisine, and/or Janey King-Lilo, an internationally-recognized food and beverage consultant who prides herself on cooking with locally-grown ingredients.

In this fun, light-hearted class for guests with all levels of cooking experience — a celebration of Fijian cuisine and local culture through gastronomy — our chefs share their traditional cooking techniques, local secrets, and crack some good jokes.

They’ll teach you how to make Fiji’s signature fish dish, kokoda, from scratch: fresh fish marinated in lime juice, mixed with local vegetables and chilis, bathed in freshly-made coconut cream.

By the end of this class you’ll know how to crack open a coconut like a pro, scrape insides out, squeeze the fresh juice and add just the right amount of chili to your kokoda.

Volivoli's head chef Lakepa Setitaia
Volivoli’s head chef Lakepa Setitaia

You’ll also learn how to make a simple, Fijian-style curry, focusing on how to choose spices and how to work with them. You’ll also learn how to make our staple side dish, roti.

Cooking Class recipes to take home 😉

Prepare to leave with a full belly and a handful of Volivoli’s signature Fijian recipes to take home to share with your friends and family back home.

Note: There’s also the option to start the day with a fully-guided tour of the Rakiraki fruit and vegetable market, where we’ll hand pick and learn about the freshest seasonal ingredients for our class and meet the locals who sell them.

Later, we’ll pay a visit to the local farmer who grows all of our lettuces and herbs.

What to Bring

  • Camera
  • An empty stomach


  • Guidance from a local chef
  • All materials and ingredients
  • Recipes to take home with you