Dawn Simpson-Resort Manager Of Dolphin Island chosen as one of Fiji’s Inspiring Females: 5 women sharing their BULA spirit

On International Women’s day (8 March) and KarryOn celebrated women all around the world who are paving a path for future generations of females, including those in the country where “happiness finds you”, the 333-island nation of Fiji.

Rich with happiness and full of inspiration, these women are sharing their Bula spirit through their passions and re-defining the level of success women can achieve all over the world.

Dawn Simpson, Resort Manager Of Dolphin Island on Fiji’s Suncoast, was chosen as one of those five 🙂

Dawn Simpson – Resort Manager Of Dolphin Island

Dawn Simpson – Resort Manager Of Dolphin Island

One of Tourism Fiji’s inaugural Bulanaires, Dawn Simpson’s charm, warmth and hospitality is what has made her stand out in the Tourism Industry.

As Dolphin Island’s Resort Manager, she makes every single guest’s experience uniquely memorable and goes the extra mile in providing excellent customer service.

Many returnee guests don’t just come back to Dolphin Island for the private island, turquoise waters and exquisite cuisine – they come back to see Dawn!

If you’re a guest at Dolphin Island, don’t be surprised if you get a handwritten letter from Dawn in the mail after your visit.

Where is your favourite place in Fiji?

My favourite place in Fiji would definitely be Dolphin Island. I love working with my team to build a very real luxury ‘castaway’ paradise, where guests can enjoy the warm, generous style of hospitality that Fijians are well known for.

What inspires you most about the other women that work at Dolphin Island?

Their resilience is truly inspiring to me

What does the ‘Bula Spirit’ mean to you?


FIJI’S INSPIRING FEMALES: 5 Women Sharing Their Bula Spirit
FIJI’S INSPIRING FEMALES: 5 Women Sharing Their Bula Spirit

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