Minister for Industry, Trade and Tourism Faiyaz Koya (third from left) with staff of Wananavu Beach Resort in Rakiraki on Saturday. Photo: ISAAC LAL

Wananavu Beach Resort hosts Skal International and Minister for Tourism

Wananavu Beach Resort on Fiji’s Suncoast hosted the Minister for Industry, Trade, and Tourism Faiyaz Koya at the Skal International Suva 10th anniversary dinner celebration.

The Minister for Industry, Trade, and Tourism Faiyaz Koya said “The Fijian Government has set an ambitious target of creating a $2.2 billion Tourism industry by the end of 2020.”

Mr Koya said they are at the final stages of completing a Tourism Plan that will set the guidelines for development in our tourism industry.

Minister for Tourism Faiyaz Koya (third from left) with staff of Wananavu Beach Resort in Rakiraki on Saturday at Skal International Suva celebration. Photo: ISAAC LAL
Minister for Tourism Faiyaz Koya (third from left) with staff of Wananavu Beach Resort in Rakiraki on Saturday at Skal International Suva celebration. Photo: ISAAC LAL

“Our vision is to encourage innovation, new investment and effective collaboration between the Fijian Government and the private sector,” he said.

“To achieve this vision we need to have in place marketing strategies that are focused and measured.

“We are having new market opportunities opening up with the introduction of the Singapore and San Francisco flights.”

Mr Koya said this is where Tourism Fiji needs to support and contribution from the industry stakeholders to ensure that strategies at the national level are taking into account the plans of the industry players.

He announced the Industry Day would be held on Friday where his ministry would be sharing marketing plans.

Tourism Fiji also has a new CEO at the helm of Tourism Fiji, Matthew Stoeckel.

“We see his inclusion in our team, as a means of elevating our global marketing plans.”

Also Mr Koya in thanking Skål International spoke about the 2016 Awards which would highlight best practices in tourism.

He said this would also create awareness on new concepts that put emphasis on the importance of the interaction of the physical, cultural and social environment.

“Through this initiative Skål International is instilling in all its members the need for sustainable tourism.”

Skål International  launched the Sustainable Tourism Awards in 2002 to highlight and acknowledge best practices around the globe. Aqua Trek Fiji won the Skål International Ecotourism Award in 2007.

Green Growth Framework

This framework establishes an economic model in which the sustainable use of resources is paramount.

“Conservation and management of our natural resources and our rich cultural heritage are paramount for the survival and sustainable development of the tourism industry in Fiji.

“The Green Growth Framework focuses on the 3 pillars of sustainability – economic, social and the environment. The Framework specifically looks at “greening” the tourism sector.

“Accordingly, my Ministry is ensuring that the initiative and policies mentioned in the Green Growth Framework is reflected in the Fijian Tourism Development Plan.

“Therefore, we need to ensure that all stakeholders in the Fijian tourism industry are in-sync with the overall vision, where development in the tourism sector is concerned.

“In order to achieve this vision the Government needs the support and partnership from the industry.

“And this is where Skål International can work with the Fijian Government, in particular the Ministry, in ensuring that the industry is aware of the overall vision and is operating in a sustainable manner.”

Skal International Background

Skål International, which is also an Affiliate Member of United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO), has been a leader in the area of promoting sustainable tourism.

The establishment of Skål International, in Paris, France, in 1932, the global agency has contributed greatly to uniting professionals of the travel and tourism industry, promoting industry best practices and advancing business and networking opportunities.

Skål International has a membership of approximately 17,000 partners in 400 Clubs throughout 80 nations.

The Skål Club of Fiji and Skål International Suva were established in 1984 and in 2006 respectively.

Both Clubs have been actively engaged in tourism networking and community support throughout Fiji.

First published in Fiji Sun: $2.2 Billion Tourism Industry, A Target For 2020

Edited by: Farzana Nisha

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