2016 ANZ Fiji Excellence in Tourism Awards

Wananavu shortlisted for 2016 ANZ Fiji Excellence in Tourism Awards

Wananavu Beach Resort is proud to be shortlisted in the Accommodation Quality  Category of the 2016 ANZ Fiji Excellence in Tourism Awards.

Applications for the 2016 ANZ Fiji Excellence in Tourism Awards officially closed on Monday 7 November, drawing an impressive group of applicants for this year’s Accommodation Quality Category.

Fiji’s tourism industry stakeholders have in their own ways invested and ingrained into their business practices, a sustainable approach to protect the natural and socio-cultural fabric of the local communities that hosts their businesses. The sustainable outcome of these approach is that our natural environment and local communities also derive economic and cultural benefit from tourism. This is the unique and proud aspect of our tourism industry.

Sustainability has been a growing area of importance to the industry and many operators are now investing in programs that seek to protect Fiji’s amazing natural environment. A growing number of travellers are looking for destinations that respect the environment and proudly invest in sustainable business models.

Additionally, the Trustees have been encouraged by the strong number of applicants within the ‘Individual’ category this year.

The Trustees introduced the three Individual Awards in 2015 with the deliberate intention to recognise the commitment and outstanding achievements of talented front liners and those involved in the behind the scenes operations through the Fiji Pride award.

Ms Olivia Mavoa also noted “the Trustees also believe in bringing to the fore and the continued nurturing of our young talent who will eventually lead our industry in years to come through the Emerging Leader award. Our industry will not be in its current position without the hard work and leadership of our industry leaders whom we recognise through the Tourism Leader award. These awards are by nomination only and it is encouraging to note the increasing number of nominations for all three categories.”

Accommodation Quality  Category

2016 ANZ Fiji Excellence in Tourism Awards
2016 ANZ Fiji Excellence in Tourism Awards