Self Drive along the Suncoast

Exploring Fiji’s Suncoast by driving yourself is very easy with international Car rental companies available to get you out of Nadi Airport in no time. A rental car gives you all the freedom to explore to at your own speed.

With so much to see and do and beautiful coastal roads to drive along, this is a popular choice for many a visitor along the Suncoast.

Driving in Fiji is not quite what it’s like overseas, but it is an enjoyable and safe way to see the Suncoast.

With regards to stop offs as you’re driving along the Suncoast – you can gain access to the villages but be aware there is a traditional protocol, called a  Sevusevu, that you need to follow in order to have a village experience. This normally goes down best when you have a guide.

Just pick up a rental car in the Nadi Airport arrivals and TURN LEFT as you come out the airport and you’ll be in glorious sunshine driving along the King’s Highway on Fiji’s Sunshine Coast in minutes.

Rules of the Road

Fiji drives on the left-hand side of the road, just like New Zealand and Australia.

While  many of Fiji’s roads are not the standard of sealed roads in your home country, the majority of roads are fairly decent, and the new Kings Highway along the Suncoast being in great condition..

Your own country’s driver’s licence will allow you to hire and drive a car on your holiday to Fiji. No need to get an International Licence.

All of the normal Car rental companies operate out of Nadi International Airport, just come through arrivals and they are right there.

Road rules and laws are very much the same as in Australia and New Zealand so you’ll have no problems getting about on your own if you decide to hire a car and head up the Suncoast.

Speed Limits

The maximum speed limit of 80 km/h (50 mph),. However it is only 50km/h (30 mph) in residential areas. These are marked quite clearly with road signs.

Also be aware that there are speed cameras operating in the towns and cities, and mobile units with police cars on the highways.


Though sealed roads are usually well-constructed, drivers should keep a watch for potholes, as well as speed humps especially when driving through iTaukei villages, which are larger than they appear!

Pedestrians also tend to wander dangerously close to moving vehicles or sit in groups on the edges of roads, so be especially careful when driving through iTaukei villages.

Animals, such as cattle, goats and horses, are other hazards to look out for while driving, especially at night, since they walk about on the verges of roads and can wander across with no warning.