Weddings on Fiji’s Suncoast

Planning a Fiji wedding? Fiji’s Suncoast is the perfect destination for your wedding in paradise.

Getting married in Fiji?

Have you dreamed about your perfect wedding day? Dreamed about swaying palm trees, tropical flowers and your emotions being swept away with the voices of a beautiful Fijian choir?

Then maybe Fiji’s Suncoast is the perfect destination you’ve been searching for.

Whether you want a simple beach ceremony for two, or a private whole resort to yourselves and your guests, or an all out party reception with your closest family and friends, the properties on Fiji’s Suncoast can provide that for you.


Fiji Weddings and Marriage Requirements

All wedding applicants should have the following documents with them:

  • Original Birth certificates
  • Passports with valid legal status in Fiji
  • If applicable, divorce certificate
  • If previous spouse is deceased, a death certificate

Certificate of Single Status

Certificate of no legal impediment or Certificate of Single Status is required to be produced by the following applicants:

  • Marriage applicants where one party is a Fijian Citizen while the other is a foreigner;
  • Marriage applicants who are former citizens of Fiji;
  • Marriage applicants who are Foreigners and residing in Fiji; and
  • Asians holding Fiji permanent citizenship, residential visa or work permit intending to marry in Fiji.

Exempted from producing single status certificate

Marriage applicants from USA, Canada, Australia, UK, New Zealand and European Countries are exempted from having to produce a single status certificate.

The exception are those were previously married and have divorced 3 years ago – they must produce single status in some form.

Japanese Marriage Applicants

Marriage applicants from Japan must certify their personal details and produce the Koseki – Shouhon.

Asian Marriage Applicants

Asians Tourists whose primary intention of visiting is to marry in Fiji, may be exempted from the standard marriage requirements covering the Asians. This will be reviewed on case by case basis by .

Marriage applicants from Asian Countries including: China, Korea , Philippines, India, and Pakistan must apply 1 month in advance. They must produce a Police Clearance together with other translated personal documents.

Fiji Marriage License

All overseas marriage applicants are required under Fijian  law to obtain and sign a marriage license from a nearest marriage registry or district office prior to the marriage ceremony.

There is an office on Fiji’s Suncoast in Rakiraki. The Rakiraki Registry offices open from 8.00 am – 4.00 pm Mondays to Fridays, and is closed on weekends and public holidays. Don’t get caught out!

Ask your Wedding Coordinator at any of the Fiji Suncoast Resorts and they will advise you of the latest and most will handle all thsi for you to ensure a stress free wedding!