Vatu-i-Ra Passage Dive Site Report – Post TC Winston

Vatu-i-Ra Passage Dive Sites – Post TC Winston

Volivoli and Ra Divers have been out diving this week and they have filed a very detailed report about the state of the Vatu-i-Ra Passage dive sites after TC Winston hit Fiji.

Ra Divers bring you this Bligh waters Post TC Winston Reef Report.

The reason they are so excited is because as I’m sure you were, they were extremely worried about the possible damages sustained underwater especially since there was such catastrophic damage top side when Sever Cat 5 TC Winston bore down on the Bligh Waters. 

Vatu-i-Ra Passage Mini Dives

On the 4th March, Ra Divers managed to sneak away from the resort and complete a series of 9 Mini dives to assess the damages. The plan was to visit 3 separate reef systems and 3 different dives at each reef, namley Midway Reef, Vatu i ra and Vatu Laca reef systems.

Ra Divers are happy to inform us that there has been minimal damage to the reefs overall, with huge Gorgonian fans standing up to TC Winston and our wee nudies weather the storm also.

There is some damaged stag Horn coral on the shallower tops as well as some minor bleaching from the intense hot water leading up to the cyclone (hence TC Winston developing into such a mega storm).

Vatu-i-Ra Passage Dive Site Report – Post TC Winston

Please click on this link Post TC Winston Reef Damage Report to see the full report.

For full pics, see their own news about this here:  Vatu-i-Ra Passage Dive Site Report – Post TC Winston.

Vinaka Volivoli and Ra Divers!