Official Results – Suncoast Ocean Swim 19

Official times and results from the inaugural Suncoast Ocean Swim 19.

A big congratulations to all the winners of the inaugural Suncoast Ocean Swim! 5km: Matelita, Jeremiah, 3km: Brian, Loren, Josua, 1km: Clare, Jaron, Kurt, 500m: Lucy, Audrey, Crystal, Rueben!

The winners of the 5km ocean swim at the weekend, Matelita Buadromo and Jeremiah Faktaufon, will need their times confirmed officially but stewards at the event unofficially shared that they had met the qualification standards required for the Pacific Games ocean swim.

Official Results

5km Ocean Swim Official Results

# Name Category Time Place
4 James Walsh Open Men
34 Paul Colville Open Men
44 Matelita Baudromo Open Women First Place
45 Jeremiah Faktaufon Open Men First place
46 Steve Nutley Open Men
47 Sevuloni Tuisorisori Open Men

3km Ocean Swim Official Results

# Name Category Time Place
5 Kristin Deason Open Women 1.09.26
13 Brian Stockwell Open men 1.06.15 First Place
19 Litea Mara 11-16 Youth 58.12
20 Josua Mara 11-16 Youth 51.24 First Place
41 Loren Eastgate Open Women 58.11 First Place

1km Ocean Swim Official Results

# Name Category Time Place
2 Marita Manley Open Women 23.54
18 Jaron Work 11-16 youth 18.03 First Place
22 Clare Luoni Open Women 18.04 First Place
25 Lyndall Fisher Open Women 22.19
26 Jackie Lauff Open Women 29.29
32 Leyna-May Domonatani Open Women 22.11
33 Aoife Reid Open Women 22.03
36 Jennifer Tomani Open Women 22.15
37 Rowena Taito Open Women 23.46
39 Kurt Johns Open Men 19.1 First Place
23 Allan Martin Open Men 20.54
51 Nigel Stoker Open Men 29.38
Swimmers scoping out the course ahead of the 5km start

500m Ocean Swim Official Results

# Name Category Time Places
10 Samson Jenyns 11-16 youth 12.01
11 Lucy Jenyns 11-16 Youth 10.45 First Place
12 Rueben Jenyns Open Men 10.44 First Place
14 Peter French Open Men 12.48
17 Audrey Work 6-10 Youth 10.52 First Place
24 Crystal Bouchard Open Women 34.27
27 Zara Darling 6-10 Youth WD

Event Officials

Name Role
Jennifer Liew Chief Timekeeper
Joseph Gibson Timekeeper
Zephanaia Sela Timekeeper
Sharon Pickering Chief Referee
William Domonatani Referee
Sebastian Johns Referee
Olly Daugunu Lap Counter
Gade Daugunu Lap Counter
David Dugu Starter